Thursday, April 2, 2015

Say It Out Loud 18 Times

Want to learn your terminology quickly and easily?  In a recent post, I told you that one way to do that is to work on six new words every day.  My friend Jane, the foreign language professor, gave me another tip to help learn new terminology: say each new term out loud at least 18 times.

Apparently, there's evidence suggesting that to "own" a new word, you have to say it out loud at least 18 times.  The vocalization, along with the repetition, apparently help to reinforce memories in the various language areas in your brain.  Which means that you can recall and use the terms easily.

I know that seems silly . . . even childish.  But think about it.  Silly as it may seem, isn't it worth reducing your study time and improving your knowledge quickly?

Adapted from a post at The A&P Student


  1. Great to know! I'm going to try this.

  2. Do you have a reference for this? Was there a study testing this method?

    1. As stated in my article, this was conveyed to me by my former colleague Jane, who was a foreign language professor before her retirement. My impression was that she learned this at a professional conference, but I do not have a citation.

    2. Many of my A&P students who were commuting said they benefited from saying/reciting terms out loud while they were driving. I suspect that our "auditory memory" is highly underrated as a way to help us learn.

  3. This is a tip I can implement easily, thank you!

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